Primary Ballots Here

I keep hearing “Where’s Puyallup?”

What we are voting on now is Puyallup School Board and the Port of Tacoma primaries.  The rule is…reduce to two for the General. You will see on the General ballot the top two vote getters for School Board, the top two for Port of Tacoma and also the only two candidates who signed up for each of the Puyallup District Council races.  I believe that you will also see a Central Pierce Fire bond issue vote.

Those ballots will go out October 18th with a deadline of November 5th.  Ballots can be mailed or you can drop them off in the box on the South side of the Puyallup Library.  The voters guide is mailed around October 11th and is actually available online several weeks prior to that.  If you need to register…the easiest way is online the Pierce County website – department Auditor – division Elections – you’ll find it!

The website is also listed on my brochure.

Hope that eliminates some of the confusion.

Don’t forget to vote, there are some great candidates.


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