John Hopkins. Candidate for Puyallup City Council District 1, Seat 2. Elect John Hopkins

Goals and Pledges


  • I believe that hard work, common sense and strong values are the fundamental tools necessary to do the job.
  • I believe that your representative must represent you and remember whose money it is.
  • The job is a sacred trust not an ego trip.


  • Keep Puyallup on the right track.
  • Continue common sense decision making.
  • Address current issues: Aging infrastructure, public safety building planning, homeless impacts and needs, parks improvements, council bickering.
  • Continue to pay down our debt so we can start to properly fund road and utility rebuilding.


Which district are you?

Which district are you? Who are your representatives? The city of Puyallup has three districts.


Check out the 2016 Report Card!

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Third Year News

As we head into May, I will be starting this years round of door belling. I hope to chat with each of  you over the next few months. In February, the Council picked four major goals to focus on throughout the year. The first three goals are capital projects, which are: Make progress towards improving our parks, especially…

Mid Term News

This is the second year that i have been out doorbelling. I have handed out “report cards “ and asked about concerns. Most people have expressed they are happy with the way things are going. The most common complaints have been the homeless situation and speeding in residential neighborhoods. I have reported all concerns to…

THANK YOU! George Dill once said to me while he was running…”You know, John what’s the worst thing that can happen to you when you run for election?”  He said it so seriously I was a bit concerned, then he answered his own question …..”You could win!” I don’t really agree with him, but it…