John Hopkins. Candidate for Puyallup City Council District 1, Seat 2. Elect John Hopkins

Goals and Pledges


  • I believe that hard work, common sense and strong values are the fundamental tools necessary to do the job.
  • I believe that your representative must represent you and remember whose money it is.
  • The job is a sacred trust not an ego trip.


  • Keep Puyallup on the right track.
  • Continue common sense decision making.
  • Address current issues: Aging infrastructure, public safety building planning, homeless impacts and needs, parks improvements, council bickering.
  • Continue to pay down our debt so we can start to properly fund road and utility rebuilding.


Elect John Hopkins 2017

It’s time to Vote!

It’s easy to drop your ballots off at the downtown library!  

Equal Rights Washington has endorsed Mayor John Hopkins

Equal Rights Washington has endorsed Mayor John Hopkins for Puyallup City Council Dist. 1 Pos. 2! For the list of endorsed candidates to date, please visit our website  

Watch Mayor John Hopkin’s Latest Interview

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Candidate Verification Results

John Hopkins, “Candidate” for Puyallup City Council has authorized and completed a background check and is proud to release the results to his constituents. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) background check included an investigation into the candidate’s criminal record, civil record, and nationwide sex offender registry. John Hopkins was also offered the opportunity to…